What does “BDubs” mean?

What does BDubs mean? You might know the abbreviation if you frequent a restaurant. If you landed on this page, it is likely that you have seen or heard the abbreviation and want to find out more. You have reached the right place if this is the case.

This page will provide information about the internet slang term and its possible origins. To help you understand the term better, there are some conversation examples. You will also find suggestions for words and phrases you could use to convey the same meaning.

What does BDubs mean?

“BDubs”, the term used to refer to Buffalo Wild Wings’ popular sports bar and garden restaurant, is also known as Buffalo Wild Wings.

Origin of Bdubs

Buffalo Wild Wings was founded in 1998. Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck was the original name for the restaurant when it was established in 1982. At that point, the abbreviated term was reduced to BW-3. The company changed its name to Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck in 1998. It was then abbreviated BWW. The company and its customers further reduced this acronym to B-Dubs within a year. In addition, the phrase was patented.

e-u, double u” became “bee-dubs”. The “dubs”, representing the two “double u”s of the acronym, was abbreviated to “beee-dubs”. B-Dubs was originally hyphenated. However, with the advent of hashtags on social networking, which don’t allow punctuation like that of hyphens in some cases, the hyphen has been dropped and the term “bdubs”, now refers to this restaurant and sports bar.

Other meanings

Some businesses and organizations use the acronym to abbreviate their company name. This acronym can also be used to abbreviate the names of objects. This acronym can also be used to denote other objects, such as “Birmingham Water Works,” Blue-Winged Warbler,” and “Big Wide World.” Examples of Conversations

Two friends have a text conversation:

  • Friend 1: Would you like to go out on Saturday?
  • Friend 2: Yes! Where would you like to go?
  • Friend 1: I have to get to the mall to start Christmas shopping. I thought we could stop by bdubs for lunch or dinner.
  • Friend 2: Amazing! It’s my favorite spot! This weekend, I hope to see you.

A conversation online between two forum members:

  • User 1: Hello, I’m new to this area. Is there a good restaurant in the area?
  • User 2: Although it might be a chain in the country, you can still check out the bdubs at 22nd and Main. They have the best wings!
  • User 1: I’m very grateful! I live only a block away so I’ll have to check it out.

Alternatives to “BDubs”.

There are very few alternatives to this abbreviation, as it is the short form of the restaurant’s official name. You could also use the following phrases:

  • BWW
  • Buffalo Wild Wings
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Vegan Options for 2021

With the slogan “Wings. Beer. It is unlikely that Buffalo Wild Wings will offer many vegan options. Buffalo Wild Wings caters primarily to sports fans who enjoy finger food and watching the game. They are not the stereotypical vegan.

Although Buffalo Wild Wings’ menu appears to include many vegan-friendly fried dishes, it is not as easy as you might think. Buffalo Wild Wings fries all its food in beef shortening. Cross contamination can also occur from shared fryers. All of the veg-friendly fried options, including Buffalo Chips, Buffalo Chips and French Fries, Fried Pickles and Potato Wedges, are not vegetarian friendly. Even tortilla chips used for salsa and chips are fried with beef shortening.

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a Southwest Black Bean Burger, however it contains milk and eggs products. It is not vegan-friendly. Cross contamination is possible because the black bean burger is prepared on the same grill as other meat products.

  • There are a few vegan-friendly options on the B-dubs menu. Continue reading for more details.
  • The following information was taken from Buffalo Wild Wings’ allergen guide, September 2020.

Although side salads are not an exciting choice, most restaurants offer side salads that can be made vegan. Buffalo Wild Wings is no exception. Buffalo Wild Wings Side Salad includes house greens, tomato and cucumber, pickled red onion, shaved Parmesan cheese, croutons, lemon vinegar, garlic toast, and croutons. To make this salad vegan, remove the cheese and croutons. The garlic toast is not suitable for allergy or nutritional information so you should avoid it. Side salad is served with vegan lemon vinaigrette. However, it can be replaced by vegan light french dressing.