Common Condiments Used in Popular Cuisines

The condiments you use in your kitchen can help influence the taste of the dishes that you make. While many Americans only think of condiments as something they put on top of foods before eating, such as ketchup, mustard or relish, they are also ingredients included in recipes as you prepare them. When you want to learn how to cook different cuisines, here are some of the condiments you should buy to use in recipes.

Italian Condiments

When you want to prepare Italian dishes, there are certain spices and condiments you need to help bring out the flavor in the foods. The most common condiments used in Italian cuisine include anchovy sauce, which is used on boiling meats and fish, as well as vegetables. Basil vinegar is commonly used to dress meat and fish, and on boiled vegetables to give them an Italian flavor.

Basil and oregano are probably the two most common spices for Italian dishes. They are used on everything from pizza to lasagna to vegetables. Many of the condiments used for Italian cooking also contain these spices. In addition, olive oil is also an important condiment for Italian foods, both in their preparation and to drizzle over them.

Asian Condiments

A condiment is simply something that adds flavor to food, and using specific ones is essential to certain cuisines. For Asian foods, some of the most common condiments are fish sauce, which is made from fermented fish, and is used on savory foods to give them a salty, fish flavor. Hoisin sauce is like an Asian barbeque sauce and is often used for roasting meats.

Soy sauce is probably one of the most common Asian condiments known to Americans. It is used to prepare dishes and to dress them before you eat them. If you want to spice up your Asian recipes, try adding chili sauce or a combination of chili and garlic sauce. To make delicious dishes, use many different condiments needed for delicious cuisines.

Spanish Condiments

Many of the condiments used in Spanish food are similar to other Mediterranean foods, like Italian and Greek recipes. However, there are some ingredients that are used to give Spanish dishes their unique flavor. Capers are often found in many dishes from Spain and are produced from the flower buds of the caper plant.

Capers are often brined, so they have a salty flavor. They are used in dishes like chicken piccata. Saffron is another ingredient found in various cuisines and in Spanish fish dishes like paella. Garlic is another important condiment for many Spanish and other Mediterranean dishes. It can be used fresh, or you can buy diced garlic that is stored in oil, which is a great condiment to keep in your kitchen.

If you cannot find some of these condiments in the International foods aisles in your grocery store, you can purchase them online. Saffron can be expensive and it may not be available in some of the smaller grocery stores in your area, but you can easily find it online.