Examining Trendy Plus Size Clothing For Spring Summer 2014 Look

Trendy plus size clothing is bang on the bandwagon again this year and that bandwagon is continuing to roll down a road where anything goes. Anything, that is, as long as it is neither modern in looks nor counters to the personality of the wearer.

Fashion was always supposed to illustrate the wearer’s personality. At least that’s how it was sold. However, there was a long as well as unfortunate period when it became little more than another way of showing off how much money you had in a bank account; clearly something that has had to change since so many of us no longer have much money in our bank accounts.

These days, fashion is allowed to go back to its roots. Those roots are more properly referred to as “style”; something that has a kinship with fashion and indeed is sometimes the same thing as fashion. However, style has a different set of codifiers attached to it which separate it from what are merely fashionable. Hence, when a person wears trendy plus size clothes with style, they’re actually doing something different with their look than someone who merely wears what she believes to be fashionable. This is true even when the clothes are identical in both cases. see savemypocket.in/store/fashionara

Basically, fashion is what happens when other people tell them what they can as well as cannot wear. Fashion is the heart of snobbery, exclusion and ultimately a lack of self-expression.

Style, on the other hand, is what happens when a girl is given the sartorial tools to visualize her personality. She may choose to do so by sticking very much to one type of clothing and this might be confused with an attempt to be fashionable; or she can mix as well as match her clothing types according to her mood and her personality which is often also confused, this time with being unfashionable.

The truth of the matter is simpler than that. A girl who dresses in combinations of trendy plus size clothing that suit her mood as well as her view of herself is neither fashionable nor unfashionable but stylish. In other words, she has become everything that every dedicated follower of fashion wishes she could be; someone for whom personal expression through clothing and accessories is as natural as falling off a motorbike.

James Dean may well have been the first style icon, certainly for the burgeoning idea of teenagehood that had never even been an issue until the early 1950s. His leather jackets, tight jeans as well as motorbikes made him instantly recognizable as different from everyone else. That concept of difference, which is almost always inherent in the idea of style, survives to this day in fashion advertising.

It’s interesting to note that if everyone followed fashion advertising to the letter it would be impossible for anyone to be different because we would all be wearing the same clothes. So rejoice whilst you can; that current trendy plus size clothing allows a lot more creativity.

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