Maintain Your Commercial Fridge for a Reduction in Energy Costs

Institutions and restaurants need commercial refrigerators to hold their perishables and stay in business. The commercial refrigerator then holds a prominent spot in a chef’s kitchen. That is why you want to make sure that the commercial fridge that you own is well-maintained and is already a brand model appliance.

Anytime you buy a big-ticket item like a commercial fridge, you need to make sure that it is a brand refrigerator that is known for its quality and features. By making the right buying decision, you will also make it easier to maintain the fridge.

Maintenance is Necessary

Commercial fridges in Brisbane and the surrounding area need to stay in peak performance just like a well-running car. Just as regularly scheduled changes of oil will keep an auto running, a regular schedule of maintenance will enhance the efficiency and life of commercial refrigeration equipment. According to energy experts, commercial refrigerators account for 50% of a restaurant’s total cost for utilities. Therefore, maintenance is essential in restaurant operations in order to save money on energy.

Energy is lost as well when refrigerators are constantly opened and shut. That is why it is important to plan your meals and what refrigerated ingredients will be added beforehand. By being well-organized and scheduling maintenance, any new commercial refrigerator you buy will stay running for a very long time.

Clean the Coils Monthly

When it comes to maintaining your new commercial refrigerator, you need to make sure that the evaporator and condensing coils are cleaned every month. You can buy coil-cleaner solvents on the market, but they often are too expensive. Some professional cleaners recommend that you use soap and water and that you forego using harsh chemicals.

How to Clean the Coils

You can also use three parts of water  to one part of a degreaser mix and apply with a soft bristle brush. Make sure you wash off the solution when you are finished cleaning. A spray bottle can be used for flushing, and remember that the residue needs to be mopped up. When you clean condenser coils, also make sure to scrub the coil up and down and not side to side. The side-to-side motion will damage the components.

To reduce drag on your new commercial fridge, clean the fan blades regularly. In order to clean the blades, you need to remove the cover on the fan and clean it as well. A degreaser solution can be used for cleaning, followed, as noted above, by rinsing. Check the fan motor periodically to ensure that the fan is running at the maximum speed.

Get Rid of the Weeds and Debris

All weeds and debris should regularly be cleared away from the condensing units situated outside. Doing so will ensure an adequate flow of air and better refrigerator performance.

It is also helpful to lubricate the hinges of your new fridge annually. The doors on a cooler that do not open and shut properly can cause your unit to overwork and waste energy. Choose a fridge with spring hinges that close automatically for high traffic walk-in activity.