Restock Updates for , “PopFindr”, BrickSeek

Although the PS5 PopFindr will be a top-of-the-line gift for gamers this Christmas, there is still time. The high demand and limited stock of the PlayStation 5 will make it unlikely that many will open the next-generation console tomorrow as they had hoped.

The PS5 has been notoriously difficult for buyers since its November release. Due to safety and health concerns, most retailers have made it available online only. To get the PS5, gamers had to compete against scalpers and bots. The console sold out in seconds.

BrickSeek Inventory Checkers PopFindr

PlayStation fans have been checking websites like Walmart, Best Buy and Target for six weeks. They also read Reddit threads looking for tips and advice from other PS5 owners.

Although there are still chances of  getting a PS5 before Christmas, it is likely that they will not be available. Find out below the most recent PS5 stock updates for retailers such as Target and Antonline. Also, the latest news for inventory checkers PopFindr BrickSeek.

PopFindr Target PS5 Restock

Target has not yet announced any dates for a PS5 stock replenishment, but they have been quietly making the consoles readily without prior notice. The stock of PS5 consoles varies from store to store. However, you can access the Target website to track the stock at your local Target.

It appears that inventory checkers such as BrickSeek Chief business officers and PopFindr no longer track Target stock. Target’s website is therefore the only way to find out which stores stock PS5 consoles.

If stock becomes available, the consoles will only be sold to customers and will not be available for pick-up or drive-up.

Newegg PS5 Restock

Gamers are keeping an eye out for the PS5 on Newegg which released more PlayStation 5 stock Tuesday. Some Twitter users have reported seeing more consoles on Newegg since Tuesday. It may be worth visiting the website throughout the day to see if there is any additional stock being quietly released today.

Antonline PS5 Restock

Antonline announced Monday that it would release a limited number of PS5 consoles over the course of the week, but it would not announce these drops via Twitter. Customers are advised to continue checking the Antonline website.

PopFindr PS5 & BrickSeek PS5 Inventory Lookers

To find out if a store has a PS5 console in stock, gamers have used inventory checkers such as BrickSeek and PopFindr.

Walmart, however, blocked BrickSeek’s stock information from being shared with them. Now it appears that the inventory checkers have stopped tracking the PS5 at any store.