Tips and ideas for reducing office waste

The current buzzwords are “Go Green”, “Green Business,” and “Green Office.” While green is becoming more popular, there are still some businesses that remain behind. Some businesses lose momentum when they run out waste reduction ideas. These are easy-to-implement tips and ideas to reduce office waste.

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Paper Waste Reduction

Perhaps the best way to reduce paper waste is to create a paperless workplace. It is possible to simply stop using paper. If this is not possible, identify the purposes for which you need to use paper and those for which you can eliminate paper usage. After you have created the lists, make sure to announce and enforce the policy.

Here are some ways to reduce paper waste if your business requires you to use paper for multiple purposes.

Encourage everyone in the office that they edit documents on computers before printing. This will reduce the number and quality of printed documents. If you feel that printing drafts is still necessary, print them on an unutilized side of paper sheets.

Digitally store office files

Both sides of a piece of paper can be used. You can also set up computers to print two-sided documents automatically.

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For short memos, use small pieces of paper.

Avoid using cover sheets for faxes.

Reduce the size of unnecessary reports. You can run a report on demand if you only need it occasionally.

Use lighter weight papers whenever possible

You can reuse paper envelopes by adding a label to the address.

Non-Paper Waste Reduction

While paper waste is the most common type of office waste, there are still other residuals that can help you avoid solid waste. These are some tips to help you manage non-paper office trash better:

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Consider purchasing products that are less or no packaging.

You can also request that office deliveries are shipped in returnable containers, and then return empty containers to the supplier.

Always ask vendors to return packaging. They may be able to reuse the packaging or produce more, which could increase the likelihood of recycling.

Get the most out of your ink- and toner cartridges

You might consider renting equipment you only use occasionally, rather than having it stored in your workplace.

Always invest in durable, high-quality equipment.

Encourage employees to bring reusable silverware, plates, cups and cups to work. Encourage employees to bring lunch to work in reusable containers.

Composting food scraps is an effective way to divert it from the landfill. There are now compost removal services. If you have the chance, consider purchasing your own compost bin.

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Choose plant landscaping that is low-maintenance and produces little waste.

You can recycle electronic equipment, batteries and plastic containers, as well as metal cans, paper, and drink containers. If your office produces a lot of these materials, you might consider forming a partnership with a local recycling company. Don’t let old equipment collect dust and take up space. It is important to recycle it as soon as possible so that valuable resources can be used again. This will avoid the need for more virgin materials.