Seismic Expansion joint covers

Seismic joints and expansion joints covers are made for earthquake proofing expansions these include seismic gaps or shows different joint system expansion systems, these all are essential to absorb all the different and natural movements of the buildings  and it will provide adequate specification of earthquake-proofing seismic joints and different seismic expansion joint covers that are provided in pivotal different points and designed for any large industrial or commercial building in the city of New Zealand.

What are the series of these covers?

The series of the seismic series is a virtual invisible seismic floor cover for different kind of interiors and for different kinds of floor expansions. It is designed to accept all the different and furnished variety of floor finished, to handle various directional movements, in exclusive of built-in protection and eliminates different floor surface chipping.

These seismic expansion covers can be used widely in the large public and in different commercial buildings in conjugate to thick stones on the floor or on the surface of different surfaces or as terrazzo or marble tiles.

How can it be used?

It can be used for outdoor and indoor floor joints with the gap that is up to 100 mm, and is not suitable for much heavy lifted truck and on tires that are pneumatic or in different kind of intense and pallet trucks.