Testosterone pills and injections

Before purchasing the testosterone pills, one must know many things. They must first check if the non-prescription supplements are available. If there are capsules, are they real legal and can be purchased with the prescription of a doctor. It is always important for a person to check if the testosterone supplement is prescribed or non-prescribed. As treating with these low levels of testosterone will have an effect on many things like emotion, health, and wellness.

Testosterone for men with prescriptionmedicine

The doctors only recommend prescription testosterones which are also regulated. This is used for treating hypogonadism as well as many other sexual dysfunctioning. This treats erectile dysfunction, the low sperm count as well as low semen volume. It also helps in replacing the testosterone which is produced by the pituitary glands. Pills for men called Striant is suggested which is also called as Testosterone Pill Imprint C or Striant 30mg; it is also known as the buccal tablet. This tablet is a round tablet and not in any hard capsule. This capsule pill must be placed in the gum line or cheek. These testosterone pills are suggested for treatment in males who do not have endogenous testosterone. People prefer tablets to the injections as this can be taken quickly. These tablets are also used for treating primary as well as secondary hypogonadism. It also treats the decrease in production of the hormone which is caused due to injury and chemotherapy. With this mechanism, there will be hormone development in which the testosterone will be delivered from the mouth into the system.

Benefits of using pills

The pill strict buccal is called testosterone pill system. This can be attached to the gum where it is flat on one side and curved on other. This medication will let the hormone disperse over the time. This contained will be placed on the gum on any side of an incisor. Then after nearly thirty seconds after the system is set, it is pressed so that the system will get attached with the gum line. Then it becomes soft and turns like gum. This system does not dissolve totally so after sometime; it must be removed as per the instructions of the doctor. These pills stay for nearly 12 hours. If a person is taking two doses each day, then they need to place it on alternate sides in a mouth. The dosage depends on the age; sometimes the person may be suggested to take two pills a day.

Side effects of testosterone pills

As we know any steroid can effect and harm the person who is taking it. This testosterone pills also have many side effects. They cause vomiting sometimes and even nausea. The person experiences swelling in his ankles and the skin color changes.  There may be frequent  erections which are prolonged. The person may face disturbance while sleeping and face breathing problem. In some people jaundice is seen and they may also face difficulty in urinating. Before taking the pills the person need to check the ingredients and check their functioning. Look how they boost the hormone production.