The Renewed Shellys Beach Pavilion

Shelly’s Beach Pavilion was being renovated and now open for customers and clients for eating pleasure, boutique cocktails, beach sightseeing and hiring venue. It is found in outskirts of Williamstown Beach at Melbourne, Australia.

This premier beachfront restaurant has been offering its luxurious services in dining, beverages and venue functions for clients who want to experience the scenery and benefit of the area. The pavilion’s iconic beautiful has been redesigned and modified into lounge for cocktails and beverages experience, function rooms for parties and events and dining area with an overlooking open deck at the sea area.

The Renewed Shellys Beach Pavilion

The restaurant of Shelly’s Beach Pavilion was currently spearheaded by world renowned chef Steve Jang. He openly invites everyone who wants to unwind and at the same time enjoy the premises of the pavilion with its views. It was found in the open deck area of the pavilion for customers to satisfy their sights of the beach and the open wide sea. It also serves Australia’s finest oysters ready to order. According to Head chef Jang, the menu is family friendly which suits men of all ages. Also, the menu differs depending on the season of the area. The food can also be delivered in every home if they prefer on not leaving the house but still want to taste the restaurant of Shelly’s. Menus can be downloaded at their website for home delivery purposes.

For the coming winter season, Shelly’s is also offering its winter season specials. It has a set of special menu for the winter season and prepared warm fire place to relax and feast around for clients and for those who want to experience its lavishness.

Shelly’s also has menu for cocktails and beverages that could be serve in the bar area of the pavilion. This can be also found at the pavilion’s web site for advance viewing and ideas on their drink list.

Functions rooms for parties and events can also be found in the beach pavilion. It was to found along the decks and closest to Melbourne’s beachfront view. It caters every kind of events from birthdays, wedding celebration, engagement party and corporate events. It can cater formal sit down event with a center dance floor or to a party on the deck. The venue offers a spacious place that can fit small and large groups. It can accommodate up to 300 guests for a finger food and cocktail function and up to 200 guests for a formal sit down event. Menus at events in Shelly’s are given in an affordable price with numbers of selection for drinking options. If you are in budget, let Shelly’s know it for they are willing to create a menu that will suit your finances. You could contact Shelly’s for a tour of the event area and its facilities for further discussions.

Shelly’s pavilion Beach is open from Monday to Friday at 10:00 in the morning to late night and at Saturdays and Sundays at 8:00 in the morning. They are also open during Public Holidays at 10:00, morning. Shelly’s can be contact through contact numbers (03) 9397 7878 or email them at [email protected].