The things you must know about Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is commonly branded under the names of Oxandrin and Anavar. There are few more brands that make the same drug amongst others.  These are typically active anabolic-androgenic steroid (AAS) that was made available in the United States as early as 1964.

Initially, these were used as a safe drug to treat patients recovering from severe burns. But, eventfully there was conclusive research that established the use of the drug effect on many more conditions.  The first of the kind was the effective treatment for the girls with the condition of Turner Syndrome. It was found that even the drug worked fine with normal patients who wanted to increase their collative growth, and also children who suffered growth disorders. One of the reasons for the better use of the drug in Muscle-building is the reason for the drug being more androgenic than anabolic. Hence, these drugs cannot be considered as the drug of intense and extreme proportions for bodybuilders.

In fact, though the generic name of the drug is Oxandrin, the other names in the markets include Lonavar in Argentina and Australia), Antitriol in Spain, Anatrophill in France, Protivar, and Vasorome. However, these drugs do not include direct anabolic effects that make the drug perfect for Bodybuilders. Since there are lesser side effects due to lesser anabolic aspects of the body, Bodybuilders can easily deal with needs as and when needed. Moreover, these drugs are easily available in the markets and oxandrolone 2.5 mg tablet also available, though some are expensive. The schedule for the drug has been categorized in the safe limits under the license in the United States and the United Kingdom. Hence, these drugs can easily be considered safe and easy for the use of tighter schedules, especially women who are frequently engaged in regular workouts.

But as with any drug especially the drug that influences growth in children, there needs to be direct consultation with a doctor. As with the health conditions that need to be considered before the use of the drug are as follows.

  • Allergic reactions to any drug, or foreign bodies should be informed to the Doctor before he consents to the use of the drug.
  • In individuals with the case of Diabetes, blood sugar needs to be constantly monitored and controlled as and when the drug is used.
  • Pregnant Women are advised not to take the drug under any circumstances.
  • The dosage of the drug should be critically monitored if an individual is under any other drug administration.

As with the known side-effects and the conditions reported so far, there are few aspects that have come forward with the medical research in the last few decades.

Problems relating to Liver and Spleen have been reported with the abusive use of the drug. Some of the conditions that refer to the state of intolerance of the drug include fatigue, loss of hunger, stomach pain, and urinary problems. One of the other conditions reported with the use of the drug includes varying levels of Cholesterol that could eventually lead to problems with the heart. Anyways, consultation with the Doctor should always get you the better of the results before the use of the drug.