WhataDu Has Officially Relaunched

WhataDu, a popular foodie blog,is getting comfortable with its new shortened name, from Learn WhataDu, and has completely revamped its design to welcome the launch. The change is good – great even!The website has a playful, yet simple design. Further, the company has categorized and reorganized the structure of the site to make things even more appealing and user-friendly. The clutter-free template also features vibrant photos and videos for its content, and the mobile design arranges the full site perfectly for those on the go.


In other news, WhataDu has recently closed its Series-A funding round, and it is speculated that the company has collected at least $2.5 million in capital. Furthermore, the small venture firm outside Chicago that led the investment initiative has remained silent on the actual amount collected, but did insist that the round was a success. More importantly, thetrending food community has very ambitious plans on using the total investments. According to inside sources, the investments will go towards the company’s aggressive marketing campaigns, redeveloping their WhataDu app, expanding staff and business operations, and building key partnerships with local-based eateries and leaders in the kitchenware industry.

About WhataDu:

WhataDu is a food-based blog showcasing popular chef recipes, trendy kitchenware, trending food topics, and highlights locally owned restaurants and eateries. The company established itself in 2009 exclusively through social media networks – particularly Twitter (@LearnWhataDu), which accounts for the majority of its social audience – but has transitioned into a foodie blog led by a team of contributing chefs and food bloggers.

Go to www.WhataDu.com to learn more.