Why Your Central AC isn’t Cooling Your House

Your AC should provide cool, conditioned air throughout your house on a hot day in Singapore. What happens if your central AC stops lowering your home’s temperature? https://airconman.sg┬áis a brilliant service provider for air conditioning based in Singapore that specializes providing Air Conditioning servicing and Aircon installations in Singapore.

Aircon Man Service can help you with any air conditioner problem, including one that doesn’t blow cold air but is running. These are some suggestions to help you determine if your Mount Laurel or Sicklerville AC is in need of repair or a DIY solution.

1. Are you having power or thermostat problems?

Sometimes, the solution is right in front. And it’s easy to fix. Before calling for AC repair, confirm that the thermostat has been set to “Cool” instead of “Auto”. Also make sure that the batteries are not dead. ).

Check to make sure that the circuit breaker is not tripped. The ACs are usually divided into indoor and outdoor components. If your outside unit’s circuit breaker trips, it could mean that your AC isn’t cooling your home.

2. It’s hot outside!

Air conditioners can only cool your home by 20 degrees below the outside temperature. If it’s 85 outside, the AC should cool your home to 65 degrees inside. Even if your AC is working properly, if it’s 105 outside, your AC won’t be able to reach 65 degrees. You’ll put a lot of wear on your AC unit by turning down the temperature. This can reduce its lifespan and cause more frequent breakdowns.

3. Is your air filter dirty?

The HVAC system’s filters remove dirt, dust, pet hair, and other pollutants from the air that circulates through your ductwork. As particulates buildup, these filters should be replaced regularly. You should change your filter every few months to avoid any problems with your AC.

4. Do You Need to Clean Your Outdoor Condenser Unit?

To ensure that your AC can remove heat effectively from your home, the outdoor part of it must be clean. While you can clean your condenser by yourself (there are many video tutorials online), if you want your AC to work properly and efficiently, an AC maintenance appointment is the best option.

5. Are You Suffering from a Refrigerant Problem?

The fluid that absorbs heat and transports it outside to keep you cool is called refrigerant. Your AC won’t be able to cool your home if it doesn’t have enough refrigerant. This is also an indication of a larger problem: too little refrigerant can cause your AC to fail to cool the air. A qualified HVAC technician should address this immediately.

Aircon Man Service can help you schedule AC repair today

  • These are just five of the many ways an AC can run but not cool your home properly.
  • Leaky ductwork
  • A malfunctioning compressor
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Aircon Man Service is the best company to call if your air conditioner stops cooling.