Here are some questions (Frequently Asked Questions) that many customers and passengers ask us very often about our myanmar hot air balloon rides: take the time to read these comments and really useful information, which will help you choose the flight formula that suits you the best, and to program according to your own desires your next flight in a hot air balloon:

  • Are you dizzy even on a scale? Will I feel dizzy in a hot air balloon? Forget your fears! You will feel a deep sense of security aboard our hot air balloons, which offer perfect protection for adults and children. Yes, a balloon basket is more stable in the air than the top of some tall buildings!
  • Air sickness? During a balloon ride, we are formal: air sickness does not exist! Once in flight, the hot air balloon takes a wander and a very stable flight slope, smoothly, with a speed of 15 km per hour in general! In a small passenger plane or in a glider, the air sickness felt comes from the thermals and ascending thermal movements of the atmosphere, sometimes crossed at more than 100 km per hour! In a hot air balloon, you will of course not experience any of these annoyances. Should I be afraid of landing? Point either: the wind calms down at the end of the flight, and the hot air balloon will drop you gently on the ground.
  • Some practical advice for our future passengers: How to dress to fly in a balloon? For fall and winter flights, bring warm clothes , preferably woolen: it can get cold after landing. Wear good walking shoes, protective for the calves. As with airplane flights, avoid alcohol or any large meal before taking off in a hot air balloon: this would interfere with your pleasure.
  • Can my children accompany? Yes! Your children are always welcome, accompanied by an adult. Our youngest was two and a half years old … and he wants to start again! Reduced prices are offered for children under twelve.
  • Can I film on board the hot air balloon? Yes, of course, the balloon ride will allow you, with your camera, or better, your video camera, to relive this moment of true relaxation at leisure. If you form a group of passengers, two balloons – or more – can take off simultaneously from the same take-off ground, and evolve in unison: the video films taken from the nacelle during flight are always spectacular.
  • Can I offer a hot air balloon flight? Yes, of course, and it remains an “adventure” gift that will not be forgotten anytime soon! Go to our “online reservation” page: Online ticket reservation
  • How long is a hot air balloon flight? How to return, after the flight, to the hot air balloon take-off site? The flight generally lasts more or less an hour, but the activity in itself will occupy you approximately 4 hours: you can participate in the inflation of the balloon, enter it during the “cold air” phase to take some rather original “inside” photos, drink Champagne with the pilots after the flight, etc. Ah! I forgot: we of course bring back, with our vehicles, all our passengers to the departure point once the flight has been made!
  • What are the ideal conditions for flying in a hot air balloon? We take off in calm weather, the sun is a nice “plus”. Our pilots avoid days without visibility or with low clouds.