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Credit card debt. It’s not something that many of us are proud of. However, it’s a real struggle for many people. Credit card debt is something that many people have and that most people struggle with repaying, often finding themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of using their monthly income to make credit card payments and then turning around and paying regular monthly bills with a credit card, ensuring that they will never get out of debt.

What’s worse is that many people attempt to borrow money in a different form in an attempt to repay credit card debt. This may come in the form of refinancing their homes, taking equity out of their homes or even taking out a personal loan to consolidate the debt and repay it. However, they fail to close the accounts and wind up in worse shape when they put themselves right back into credit card debt while now being on the hook for the additional loan as well.

The good news is that there is a real solution out there that can help you get out of credit card debt fast, as well as any other kind of debt, without putting you in deeper debt and allowing you to avoid bankruptcy: debt relief.

Debt relief is a real solution that is designed to offer people real credit card debt help. These companies help everyday people just like you renegotiate their credit card debt in a way that helps them finally put their debt to rest once and for all. How do they do this?

The truth is that credit card companies secretly want to work with you to get your debt repaid. They know that borrowers that are struggling have a much higher chance of filing for bankruptcy than those who are not. They also know that if a borrower files bankruptcy, there is a good chance that they will not receive a dime of the money they are owed. This is because credit card debts are unsecured and fall way down the list of creditors that can get repaid when a borrower’s assets are liquidated in a bankruptcy proceeding. If they negotiate the balance owed, they know that they will be able to recoup a large portion of the debt owed, preventing them from having to write it off as a total loss. This isn’t a good outcome and can signficantly impact their balance sheets.

During a debt relief negotiation, credit card companies will work with debt relief companies to lower interest rates, eliminate fees and even lower balances in an effort to help borrowers repay their debts. This makes it possible for borrowers to pay off credit card debt in months rather than years, a win for everyone involved.

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