The Exercises, Skills & Qualities to be developed to become a Top class Rugby Player

Rugby is one of the most tough and rough sports present today and for this reason, as a performer you need to take care that you are the best in the game all the time. With the intention of making yourself prepared not only mentally but physically too, there are numerous essential rugby skills that should be learned before you go out on the field for the game.

Former infantry sergeant Brendan Triplett is a true rugby fan who has played during his college days as a fullback and scrumhalf and in the U.S. Army as captain and fullback. He says that in order to excel in this sport the most important area of interest should be your overall fitness intensities. The game is an enormously powerful sport that necessitates an extraordinary level of cardio strength as well as power from resistance training and weight lifting. The cardio activity should include kayaking, cycling, and rollerblading and swimming. These activities can help you get prepared for the spell of the game.

In order to get fit for rugby a multidimensional approach consisting of the following things must be included:

  • Static stretching is of great benefits. Long static stretches will do wonders for restoring muscle length. In addition focus on the hip flexors and the upper back and lower back.
  • Speed is a vital element in the game no matter what your place is on the field. Cardio and sprint drills can help in building speed.
  • For developing stamina and power, players should be trained in cycles and should also practice hop, skip and jump. Romanian Deadlift exercise can also help to develop strength and stamina.
  • In order to develop the postural qualities of the squat, the DB uneven squat exercise should be performed.
  • For developing the upper-lower body strength transfer split power press exercise should be done.

Besides this, step ups with knee drive exercise will help to develop postural strength and single leg power. This can also help to improve hip drive and torso veracity vital for speed development.

Apart from this, the player will need to develop certain vital skills such as:

  • Handle ball
  • Pick up ball
  • tackle opposition players
  • Move the ball
  • Receive a pass
  • evade tackles
  • Move with and without ball
  • kick the ball

Certain vital qualities also should be developed which include:

  • Persistence
  • courage
  • patience
  • Ability to work in a team
  • calmness under pressure
  • farsightedness

With players uniting as a team, every player can profit from the above mentioned basic physical requirements, to develop a team with no fragile links. Thus, all these exercises, skills and Qualities should be developed in order to become a top class rugby player.

At present, Brendan Triplett works as a Mid-Atlantic Correspondent for ‘This is American Rugby’. He covers the key games and hometown tournaments in and around the mid-Atlantic area. He collaborates with editor-in-chief to find out what areas and which matches he needs to cover.